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What to do when care needs emerge?

Information on care needs assessment

Medizinischer Dienst der Krankenversicherung

Where does the long-term care assessment take place? How is this assessment carried out and what happens if you disagree with the long-term care insurance fund's decision? Find answers to your questions about the long-term care assessment by the Health Insurance Medical Service (Medizinische Dienst der Krankenkassen) here.

Long-Term Care Guide

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of long-term care in the following chapters: Individual coverage for necessary care, benefits of long-term care insurance, home care by family members, advising in long-term care cases as well as quality and transparency in long-term care. The glossary contains important terms for easy reference.

In need of care. What now?

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

This flier is useful with the first steps in case of need for long-term care. It provides information and an initial overview of contacts as well as the different care grades.