Stethoskop und Kugelschreiber liegen auf Tisch

The German health care system 

How does the German health care system work? Who is involved? Answers to the most important questions about health care.

Klemmbrett mit der Aufschrift "Krankenkasse"

Health insurance 

In Germany medical care is based in principle on health insurance. You can find out everything about this topic here (external link).

Krankenwagen im Einsatz


Anyone who falls ill during the night, on public holidays or at the weekend or encounters problems, can rely on a comprehensive network of assistance in Germany.

Ein Arzt hält den Organspendeausweis in die Kamera

Organ donation 

Organ donation after death involves removing organs from one human being and transplanting them into another human being. Here you can access questions and answers on this topic.

Mehrere Personen aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen im Wartezimmer beim Arzt

Doctors – Outpatient care 

You are free to select which doctor you wish to consult.

Krankenhausflur in Normalperspektive

Hospital – Inpatient care 

Some treatments and operations are only possible in hospital. There, comprehensive care through doctors, nursing staff and other therapists is ensured.