Eine Person hält die Hände schützend über eine in Scherenschnitt dargestellte Familie

Preventive health care 

There are many examples of how you can assume responsibility for your own health and protect yourself from illness.

Kinder aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen lächeln in die Kamera

Children’s health 

Strengthening and preserving the health of children and adolescents is an important goal. Many measures contribute to this.

Nahaufnahme eines Impfpasses


Vaccines are one of the most effective ways of preventing infectious diseases. Here we give you an overview of this topic.

Ärztin und Patientin im Gespräch

Women’s health 

Information on specific check-ups for women and on prenatal care is provided here.

Eine Person hält die Hand einer anderen Person

Mental health 

You can access information on how to recognise mental illnesses and help those affected here.

Nahaufnahme eines Blutdruckmessgeräts

Physical health 

Diabetes, heart disease or back pain are examples of physical disorders. You will find information on various clinical symptoms here.