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The Federal Ministry of Health takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. That’s why we have taken steps to ensure that the data protection provisions are respected both by us and our external service providers.

In the course of the further development of our Internet services and the technologies used, changes to this privacy statement may be necessary. Hence, we recommend that you read the privacy statement again from time to time.

Access to the Website

A record of every access to the Federal Ministry of Health’s website as well as every file that is retrieved is stored in a log file and processed solely for the purpose of protecting the website and tracking access for security purposes.

The log contains information on:

  • the IP address used
  • the name of the page/downloaded file
  • the date and time
  • the volume of data transmitted
  • notification of whether the access /retrieval was successful.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

The Federal Ministry of Health uses the services of Telemark Rostock Kommunikations- und Marketinggesellschaft mbH (Telemark Rostock), a multimedia communication centre, to answer citizens’ questions received by telephone, in electronic or in written form. Telemark Rostock only compiles and uses personal data within the limits stipulated by the Federal Data Protection Act. The company has instituted numerous technical and organisational measures to ensure adherence to the legal regulations.

This is also applies in the case of other service providers responsible for processing data on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health named in the following section.

Requesting Informational Material/Newsletters

Email addresses and postal addresses provided in conjunction with the ordering of publications or newsletters are solely used for the corresponding postal delivery and for the evaluation of information content.

The ordering of brochures and printed material is done by the publication mailing service of the federal government which works together with the technical service providers IBRo Versandservice GmbH and Deutsche Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH (DVG).

Subscriptions to the Health Information (postal subscription to the “Gesundheitspolitische Informationen” and to newsletter services) are currently handled by the agency marqueur GmbH. The postal dispatch is undertaken by the technical service provider GVP Gemeinnützige Werkstätten Bonn GmbH, Pfaffenweg 27, 53227 Bonn. The use of address data for evaluation measures is done by Aris Umfrageforschung GmbH.

Furthermore, personal data are also processed by the agencies neues handeln GmbH, scholz & friends Berlin GmbH and media consulta Corporate Publishing GmbH. They assist the BMG in its public relations activities, for instance mailings, exhibitions, campaign websites, materials dispatch, enquiries about information content, etc.

Electronic enquiries/submissions to the Federal Ministry of Health

If you make an enquiry or submission to the Federal Ministry of Health electronically, your data – as well as data from written enquiries/submissions – will be used solely for correspondence with you as well as within the context of assessing available information or for evaluation purposes. The correspondence will be handled, in part, by the communication centre in Rostock on our behalf (the tasks of the communication centre are explained here) or, in the case of requests for informational material etc., by the service provider mentioned in the previous section. Address data for evaluation purposes are currently used by Aris Umfrageforschung GmbH. Beyond this, there will be no further use of your data by third parties.

Voluntary Personal Data

In some sections of the Internet content of the Federal Ministry of Health you can enter personal data on a voluntary basis. We only store and use these (personal) data for the purpose for which the data are provided. They are not passed on to third parties.

Automatically stored log data (see access to the Internet content) are deleted after the expiry of a limited period of time.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored when certain pages or certain functions are opened on your computer.

They can only be stored when the accept cookies function has been enabled on your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera). Cookies cannot be traced back to individuals and do not contain personal data. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain viruses.

The Federal Ministry of Health’s website can, for the most part, be used without accepting cookies. Cookies must only be enabled on your browser in order to use the shopping basket when ordering informational material. The cookie transmitted in this context is a so-called session cookie, which is automatically removed from your computer when the Internet session is ended.

If cookies are enabled in your browser settings, three cookies from our web analysis provider will automatically be stored on your computer. Two of these cookies are so-called session cookies that – regardless of your browser settings for erasing cookies – will automatically be removed from your computer at the end of the Internet session. The third cookie, a so-called evercookie (used to identify new/repeat customers), is stored on your computer for 60 months or 5 years, if you do not erase it manually or your browser is not set to erase all cookies automatically after the session is ended.

Web Tracking/Web Analysis

In order to design and optimise this website to best cater to the user’s needs, user data made anonymous by means of the solutions provided by econda GmbH are compiled and stored in aggregate form and user profiles created from this data using pseudonyms.

Data related to use are not combined with data related to the individual behind the pseudonym. For example, technical information regarding the browser are collected, but not personal information such as names, street names, etc., which can be used to identify a concrete individual.

An overview of the basis for certifying econda GmbH can be found here:

Objections to Web Tracking

According to Section 15, para. 3, p. 1 of the Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetzes, TMG), website visitors can object to the compilation of user profiles using their anonymously compiled visitor data in order to prevent their being collected in the future.

If you would like to object to the storage of data by econda GmbH, please click this link:


For further information regarding the handling of personal data by the Federal Ministry of Health, please contact the Federal Ministry’s personal data protection officer.

The personal data protection officer can be reached under:

Federal Ministry of Health

- Datenschutzbeauftragter -

11055 Berlin